Monday, 24 July 2017

CIMA Scaled Scoring Hits BA Certificate Level!

CIMA has announced that as of 7th August 2017, CIMA Certificate exams will be assessed using a scaled scoring system.

So, what exactly are scaled scores and how will this marking change effect your CIMA Certificate results?

CIMA scaled scores are given relative to the particular paper you sat, not just the amount of questions you correctly answered.

At any one time, there are multiple versions of the CIMA Certificate exams in circulation - for example, there are a handful of different CIMA BA1 exams in circulation right now. Although CIMA have tried their best to make sure these different versions are equally challenging, they cannot completely avoid disparities in difficulty between individual papers.

So, CIMA use scaled scores to level the playing field for students and ultimately make the results fairer. Let's say Student A and Student B both scored 60% on their exams, but that Student A sat a more difficult exam. Using a CIMA scaled scoring system, Student A would theoretically score higher than Student B.

Certificate scaled scores will be between 0 and 150. CIMA have set the pass mark for BA Certificate exams at 100 on the scaled score, meaning that if a student scores 99 or below, they will not have met the requirements to pass the exam.

CIMA already use this marking system for their CIMA Professional Qualification -  so as of August all of their exams will be marked using scaled scores. Find out more about CIMA Scaled Scores for Professional Qualification exams here.

The CIMA scaled scoring system will work much the same way as the current Certificate marking system - when you first leave your exam, you will be given a provisional mark of 'pass' or 'fail'. Forty-eight hours later you will then be given your confirmed 'pass' or 'fail' result, as well as your proficiency in each syllabus area, just like before. However, along with these results you will receive your scaled score mark. 

The scaled score will completely replace the 'marginal fail' grade, which was previously used to identify students who had just missed out on the 'pass'.

This will give students a more in-depth understanding of their exam performance than the previous results system, which was simply comprised of a 'proficient' or 'not proficient' mark for each syllabus area. CIMA says that if you fail, a scaled score along with the section feedback will help you pinpoint what you need to improve your next sitting.

It is important to note that this new marking system does not mean that the certificate exams are now more difficult to pass. It simply means that the results you do receive will be fairer and more relevant to the particular exam you sat.

So, what do you CIMA Certificate students think? I believe this new scoring system will improve students' ability to make use of exam feedback, which is great, but the change my come as a surprise to some of you! Why not find me on Facebook and let me know what you think? Alternatively, you can get in touch via Twitter.

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By Sapphire Plant

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