Friday, 5 August 2016

5 must read tips to prepare you for your exam…

1. Eat right

Lots of fruit and veg to compliment a big breakfast will fuel you up properly for the work ahead. Have some treats from time to time to rewards yourself for your efforts, but do not overindulge – a diet of coffee and biscuits will not do you much good! Sometimes saving that treat for the end of your exam will be the motivation to push you that bit harder.

2. Get plenty of rest

The stress of an exam can distract you from day-to-day life, but do not allow it to overwhelm you. Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time so you feel fresh for the next day of work, being exhausted will only make you more stressed and impact your concentration.
3. Exercise

It may feel like the last thing you want to do so close to an exam, but a put a daily job or a long walk into your diary. Either can go a long way to relaxing you and taking your mind off things, physical exercise can put you in a good frame of mind. This, overall, will help you feel better and calmer going into your exam.

4. Don't allow yourself to get drawn into other peoples' revision

Comparing work can be useful, but ultimately - the exam, your revision, is yours. Comparing revision levels with fellow students can be really unsettling and distracting, just focus on your own work and remember that everyone has different schedules and methods. 

5. If you're stressed, have a conversation, do not suffer in silence.

If you are struggling with the stress of the exam, talk to someone about it or about anything else. Only spending time with yourself during an exam period can leave you overwhelmed with work, having a close contact to talk to can really reassure you of your progress and relax you during a busy period. 

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